The Cornerstone to Better Living.

While our primary focus remains on development and our commitment to delivering quality homes, we also place significant emphasis on the breathtaking landscape that defines the Gold Coast. Our dedication extends to the ocean, where we are actively involved in initiatives to remove plastic and preserve aquatic life. We believe in fostering a harmonious coexistence between modern living and the natural beauty that enriches our community.
A global team,
with a singular focus.
Designed to foster community

At the heart of every Bastion development lie beautifully crafted aesthetics and intentionally designed spaces. We are firm believers in elevating the quality of life through a seamless blend of community and thoughtful design, enhancing the holistic living experience within our residences.

Building for the good of the planet

Each of our projects are held to the highest Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards through eco-friendly design, sustainable materials, and incorporating energy-efficient systems to reduce environmental impact. We prioritise community well-being by fostering inclusivity, promoting diversity, and adhering to ethical business practices.

Giving back through Ocean Charities

We are partnered with Ocean Guardians ambassador Matt Porteous and Distil Ennui ambassador Alexander Hamilton James to promote and contribute to cleaning up our oceans through art.

Leaving Positive Lasting Legacies

We work tirelessly to ensure our projects stand the test of time so they can be enjoyed by generations of forward-thinking individuals. Each project is unique and carefully tailored to meet the needs of the modern lifestyle.


Nera Residences

This stunning new development on Gold Coast’s Chevron Island is an Ode to the River. Commencing development in 2024, Nera offers a carefully crafted selection of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom sky homes, and a stunning full-floor penthouse.